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Protect Your Energies

When you start to raise your energy vibration, you tend to become more sensitive to negative energies around you, and can often find yourself taking on the negative energies of others or of situations around you.

Have you ever felt really up, and positive, full of confidence and off to conquer the world? And then you come into contact with someone who is miserable, down on themselves and just about dragging themselves through every minute.

Have you noticed that it often does not take long before you also feel down and low, and your optimism has evaporated?

You just came into contact with an energy vampire, who literally siphoned off your positive energy.

Beware of the negative doom-mongers and dream-stealers who can tell hundreds of reasons why your plans are doomed- if you let them.

As we work more and more with energies, it is vital that we learn to protect our positive energies. Most negative people do not realize that they are draining energies from others, yet there are also people who deliberately set out to flow negative energies to others with a view to causing them harm or upsetting their balance in some way.

There are some very simple techniques you can use to protect yourself and your loved ones. Most involve visualization and some involve the use of crystals, colour and mirrors.

1. Angels or Universe as protectors - You can call on your angels to protect to in any circumstances or to protect your property. I always use this when I leave my car or am away on holiday. I imagine the angels as policemen with big truncheons and rottweilers guarding my property

2. White Light - imagine yourself wrapped in a big bubble of WHITE LIGHT. Imagine it is all round you, including around your feet and head and see it stretching about 3-4 feet (1- 1.5m) metres beyond yourself.

A variation on this is to imagine a cross of white light. Draw it with your hands- from top to bottom and left to right and then circle your hands around yourself like a spiral or vortex.

You can then green all round yourself for healing and then purple over the top for extra protection

3. Even more powerful is a bubble of GOLDEN Light because it allows love and good things into your energy field and converts negative energy back into positive and returns it to the sender as positive energy and love.

4. Imagine yourself inside a dark blue cloak. It totally surrounds you and comes down to the floor. Imagine wrapping it around yourself and zipping up the hood, so you are completely inside

5. You can imagine yourself with a shield around yourself. I imagine mine rising up or coming down to the music from Thunderbirds, so you are inside and you are protected from any negative. Yet you can still connect with people and are not closed off to them. You just do not take on any of their negative energies.

6. Crystals- If you are working on your computer, set a piece of quartz on your computer. It will absorb a lot of the negative energies.

7. One of the most powerful crystal protectors is a dark brown stone called Tigers Eye. It has a long history of protection going right back to ancient times. You can either carry it with you or imagine it as another layer of protection around you.

If you are using crystals, it is important to wash them first, preferably in salt water, let them dry in natural light and them charge them up with your intention, of what you would like them to do for you- whether it is healing or protection.

8. A very effective cleanser of negative energies is the Blue Flame of St Germain. This is quite special because it takes negative energy and transmutes it into positive. You can imagine yourself stepping into the flames and you can also wave your Tarot cards through the flames to cleanse them of negative energies.

These are just a few ways to protect your energies. If you have worked so hard to be positive and in the flow, protect your energies and don't let others pull you down.

Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author and Coach
© 2004 Amanda Goldston


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