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How to Shuffle Your Tarot Cards for Best Results

Before doing a reading, whether for yourself or for someone else, shuffle the cards first to make sure that all the energies of previous readings have been cleared and then give the deck to your client to shuffle.

The whole point of shuffling is for you to make a connection with your cards, so that your energy is in them.

While you are shuffling, it is a good idea to think about what you want the cards to help you with. The clearer you can phrase a question in your mind, in terms of “what do I need to know right now?”, the clearer the answer will be for you when you put your cards down.

Make sure that the cards are all the right way up before you start, so that if any do end up reversed, that is likely to be significant for that reading and not just a left-over reversed card from a previous reading.

There are a couple of ways you can shuffle your cards. You can hold then upright and shuffle them like playing cards.

Or just put on the table in front of facing downwards and mix them up however feels most comfortable for you. Shuffle for as long or as short a period of time as feels right for you.

If a card flies out or you drop a couple of cards, they are likely to be significant to the reader. Take a look and them and note what they are. If you are reading for someone else and they are shuffling the cards, ask to see what that card is and make a note of it. It may come up in a prominent place in the reading. If it doesn’t then, it was just a matter of slippery cards.

Put the card back in the deck and continue shuffling.

If you drop the cards, pick them up, without looking at the pictures and carry on.

Put them all back together as one pile, still with the pictures facing downwards.

Then with your left hand cut the deck into 3 piles.  Traditionally this is using the hand you don’t write with, so if you are left-handed you would use your right hand. The idea behind this is that you have less control over that hand, so you are more likely to allow in the influence of your unconscious mind.

That’s the theory anyway.

Also if you use your left hand, it connects to the right side of your brain which is do with the creativity and intuition.

Cut the cards twice, so you have three piles and then put them back together as one pile.

Then take the cards off the top of the pile to use for the reading.

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