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Why do you want to learn to read tarot cards?

Before you start to learn to read tarot cards, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, “Why do I want to learn to read tarot cards?”

The answer to this question is very important because it will determine your choice of tarot card deck and how you conduct your readings, both for yourself and for other people.

The reasons for wanting to learn to read tarot cards are as numerous as the people who pick up the cards and there are plenty of decks of tarot cards to choose from, to suit every taste.

Perhaps you want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself so that you can use this information for your own personal growth and development.

Maybe you want to understand other people and their motivations and actions, or use the cards in a coaching scenario to rapidly get to the bottom of limiting beliefs and blocks to success.

It is also important to consider your personal learning style, as this can determine whether you choose cards that are very descriptive in their imagery, or whether you prefer cards where the designs are more symbolic in nature.

Perhaps you would like to develop your psychic abilities, so you can make better decisions in life and business with the gift of foresight, rather than looking back with hindsight!

It may be that you have had readings from other people, which have been very helpful to you and you would like to develop your own intuition and creativity to solve problems and challenges in your life.

Tarot cards can also be a great tool to explore your spirituality in more detail, going from some basic meditation to some much deeper fundamental life questions.

If you follow the Journey of the Fool from the beginning of the Major Arcana through to the World Card at the other end, this can be considered to be the journey of our spiritual enlightenment and the life lessons that we learn, or which are presented to us, as we go along.

Or maybe you are fascinated by the historical symbolism of the tarot cards or the more magical and esoteric realms of the Occult.

The symbolism that you find in some decks of Tarot cards includes almost every time period and culture in history. Some decks have a lot of what could be considered to be religious symbolism and others have symbolism that is timeless and ageless.

It may be that you have a passion for a particular time in history, or a certain culture or ideology or mythology or maybe that you are fascinated by a person and their work and those factors can also affect your choice of tarot card deck.

There are some stunning decks that have been designed by people with an amazing knowledge and understanding of these periods and cultures. Their passion shows through in every detail of the deck of tarot cards.

Your choice of deck also depends on your experience as a tarot card reader and how far you have developed your psychic abilities because some decks are easier to work with as a beginner and some are more suited to more intuitive readings.

Sometimes you will be instinctively drawn to a deck and that may be the best place for you to start.

Once you know the reason why you would like to learn to read tarot cards, then it is much easier to pick a tarot deck that you can easily work with. You can then avoid a lot of expense and frustration of choosing something that you can’t work with.

Amanda Goldston
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