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What is your Personal Tarot Learning Style?

What is the quickest and easiest way to Learn to Read Tarot cards?

The answer to that question depends on How you Learn things in general?  There are 3 main learning styles. They are called Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.  Simply put, this means do you learn best from things you SEE, what you HEAR or how you FEEL about something.

Visual People

Visual people like materials they can SEE.

You will probably like books with more PICTURES than words and you are likely to find VIDEO (either streaming online or as a DVD) very useful.

When you are choosing a deck of Tarot cards, make sure you choose one that appeals to you VISUALLY. You may need a deck where the PICTURES tell the stories and where there is plenty of COLOUR and detail, so a good choice might be one of the Rider Waite decks, as the pictures tend to be clear and easy to understand.

You might be best avoiding decks that look more like traditional playing cards or which are purely symbols because you may find them harder to get on with. 

Auditory People

If you are an auditory person, you learn primarily by what you can HEAR.

You may not be a big written note-taker, however you absorb material by LISTENING.  You probably prefer CDs or AUDIO BOOKS or AUDIO DOWNLOADS or taking part in teleseminars where you can interact with others by SPEAKING.

A good learning tip for you would be to LISTEN to audios books or audio versions of your favourite course as you are doing other things.

If you have a favourite Tarot book or course, it may be a good idea for you to READ it aloud yourself and RECORD it, so that you can LISTEN to your own voice and REPEAT things aloud in your own voice.

Kinesthetic People

This means you learn by FEELING and TOUCHING.

You are likely to rely a lot on your intuition and gut feeling in making decisions and tend to go with things that make you FEEL good.  

You like to have something you can physically TOUCH, whether that is a MANUAL or a BOOK or HANDLING your deck of TAROT CARDS.When you pick up a card, you are quite likely to get an immediate FEELING REACTION to it.

For learning, you may choose a Physical COURSE or WORKSHOP where you can EXPERIENCE and INTERNALISE the learning. You can also GET a FEEL for the teacher and the other people there.

You are likely to be a person who could do very well with SYMBOL based cards because you will probably get an immediate  FEELING about the cards and will not really need to have pictures to trigger off your INTUITION.

Which  Style are You?

Most people are a mixture of a couple of styles, with one being more dominant than the others.  If you work with your dominant learning style and choose appropriate resources, you will learn a lot faster and your  Tarot journey will be much more fun.

Amanda Goldston Tarot Author,
Coach and Reader
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