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learn to read tarot with Develop your Intuition through Tarot Book by Amanda Goldston


This book is NOW PUBLISHED and AVAILABLE through most major booksellers. This is a special launch offer to get it out into the hands of as many people as possible, with an interest in Tarot.

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The book is easily laid out with practical information on:

  • What Tarot is and What it isn’t
  • Uses of Tarot
  • Relaxation and connecting with your Intuition
  • Using Tarot cards to develop your intuition
  • Care of your cards
  • Protecting your energies
  • Asking Questions for most useful results
  • How to read the cards quickly and easily
  • Uses of colour and symbols in the cards
  • Full colour illustration of each of the 78 cards
  • 6 simple spreads with diagrams, showing you how to lay them out and read them, including past-present-future spread, yes-no spread, astrology spread, 21 card romany spread, celtic cross and in depth 6 month spread using 54 cards

I have been reading Tarot cards for over 16 years and learnt to read them by looking at the colours, symbols and the pictures and allowed my intuition to develop from there.

Learning to read Tarot cards is quite easy. Yes it takes practice, as does any skill you wish to develop.

Each card has a full colour illustration of the card, with quick keywords and the simple meanings that I use on a day to day basis in my readings to get you started.

Look inside the Book- Sample Section

The section on Intuition explains how to tap into your intuition, so that you can build a relationship with your own cards and start to develop your own interpretations.

The book evolved out of my 6 week offline courses and is designed to be practical and easy to use, so that you can develop your own Tarot card reading skills in the shortest possible time.

This book works best with the Rider Waite decks of cards.

It will shortly be available through amamzon.com as a book and an ebook. Amazon think it should retail at $50.12 +  shipping!

The reason Amazon.com want to charge $50.12 for the “Develop Your Intuition through Tarot” book (aside from their commission and royalties) is that it is a 8.5 “ 5.5” book with 236 pages and 78 full colour illustrations of all the cards in the Rider Waite deck, as well as numerous other illustrations, showing the 6 different spreads we are using.

Colour illustrations add massively to the printing cost, however I wanted the illustrations in colour instead of black and white because you can see so much more in the pictures.

As this learning system is based upon being able to look at the colours, the symbols and the pictures, it is vital that the pictures are in colour.

I have access to a limited number of Publishers copies, which are made available to me before my books go on sale through the major book retailers.

As I would like as many people as possible benefit from this book, I am offering the book to you at just about the wholesale price that I can buy can each book from the printer.

You can order directly from me, cut out all the middlemen and still benefit from our generous 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

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Only £19.99 + £2.95 Postage and Packaging

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As soon as your book arrives with me, straight off the printing press, I will ship it out to you immediately, straight from me in the UK to you, wherever you live in the world!



I just wanted to say how useful I found your Tarot course. You explained everything very simply and the notes were easy to follow. There was plenty of time for practice. I have done a few readings for friends and I feel much more confident than when I started.

Great course, highly recommended.
Jo Davies, Medium and Holistic healer, Tamworth, UK


I see this work as a really good introduction to being able to understand the Tarot. Very well laid out and easy to understand.

It flowed really well for me, and was easy to grasp. You’ve done a great job at presenting the Tarot as the tool they are. Nice and easy to understand and follow.


Paul McIntosh
Ontario, Canada


I loved your tarot card book. It really gave me a sense of calmness reading it. I had always felt a little woo-woo about them but the way you explained them really gave me a good understanding of what Tarot is all about.

It is well laid out and easy to understand. If I had had a deck in my hands I would have been laying them out as you suggested and playing around with them.


Becky Rhone- Nowlan
California. USA

It's that good. There aren't many books that make me want to go interactive. I also read it halfway through first sitting and that doesn't happen often either.

Now all I have to do is find a place that sells Tarot cards and I am ready to go.


I found Amanda's course to be very well written, easy to understand and logically put together. Although I am a proficient tarot reader myself, it has enlightened my knowledge even more, which has helped with my own readings.

Amanda has graciously given me permission to use her course within my own beginners Tarot course, which I deliver, and it has complimented it to the full. I particularly love the way she brings the cards alive by giving an explanation of what we see and how that has a relevance to the interpretation. Not all card designs have in-depth pictures to enable a Tarot student to do this, and I believe Amanda's unique style has helped me to improve on my own Tarot course and delivery to my Tarot students.

Although I have been reading cards since the age of 10 (some 40) years now, I have learned a lot from Amanda, her course and her way of doing things. Many thanks Amanda, you have enriched my own Tarot understanding and have helped me on my own Tarot journey, you are never too old to learn new things, in a field you believe you fully understand. Bless you.- Irena Blaszkiewicz


Amanda Goldston's Learn Tarot Online site is absolutely stellar. In this video based program anyone from beginner to experienced tarot card reader will learn things about the tarot that they do not already know.  Amanda's teaching style is very clear and her knowledge of the tarot, it's symbolism, and interpretations is amazing.

It's one thing to know what each card represents and be able to interpret it within a spread, but she also teaches how certain cards next to each other or in a certain order have very different Meanings than what one might think.

I highly recommend Amanda's comprehensive tarot learning program for anyone who is serious about improving their card reading skills and their life. This innovative site and Amanda's program are brilliant!
Dyan Garris  - www.voiceoftheangels.com


Order your copy now

£19.99 + £2.95 Postage and Packaging

buy now

For US Dollar Orders and Worldwide Shipping

You will still benefit from our generous 8 week satisfaction guarantee which applies to all of our products. This starts from the day you receive your book.

satisfaction guarantee for Develop Your Intuition Through Tarot bty Amanda Goldston


If you're not happy with your "Develop Your Intuition Through Tarot" Book", just let me know within 8 weeks of the date of receiving your book and I'll happily refund your money in full. No questions asked.


With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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