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Tarot Reading + Transformation Coaching


The Problems with Tarot Readings

Tarot readings can be great for telling you what has happened in the past and also for telling you about a situation that you currently face in your life.

They can pick up on the energy of what is happening and how you feel about that situation, in the moment that the cards are laid out. People often want a reading to see how a situation is going to turn out and often want the cards to tell them that things are going to dramatically improve for them – and they just have to turn up and take advantage of that situation. That approach assumes that life is fixed and pre-destined and there is nothing anyone can do about it, which is not the case.

Mostly the cards will indicate an outcome going forward, based on nothing changing and this includes YOUR thought, feelings, decisions and actions about a situation. Once you take charge of the situation and make a different decision, the whole reading can and will change.

Readings can be a case of stating the obvious, but they often don’t help people with discovering practical solutions to their problems.

They can leave people with a sense of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a positive outcome, but not knowing how to move themselves from where they are to where they want to be.

Opportunities and Blockages

Time and again when I have done readings for people, I have seen wonderful opportunities for them in the cards. I have also seen all the beliefs and blockages that stop them from them from taking advantage of those opportunities.

It can be helpful to point these out, however that can leave people very frustrated as they don’t always know how to move past those beliefs, fears and blockages.

The scope of readings only allows me to offer limited help in moving through them and being vibrationally and energetically complete with the energy that created them and which holds them in place – in other words to identify them, clear them, release them and be done with it!

I am also limited in being able to offer any practical suggestions for a client to move forward or to be able to help that client to explore alternative options or ideas to solve their challenges.

Some common beliefs and fears
Here is a list of some of the most common beliefs and fears I see showing up in client’s readings:

Fear of Greatness
Fear of success
Fear of failure
Fear of not being liked and accepted
Fear of not being loved or loss of love
Fear of losing friends or important relationships
Fear of what “they “ / other people will think / say
Fear of being laughed at
Fear of not knowing the steps and what to do – the “How”
Not worthy
Not deserving
Not good enough
Fear of being judged
Not having a big enough dream
Feel guilty for wanting so much or such a big dream
Fear of shining
It is bad to try new things
Failure is bad and I’ll be punished for failing
I am no good at anything
I am stupid
I am not lovable
I am a bad girl / bad boy
I am not good enough
It is not safe to be pretty or clever or top of the class or successful or have money
People don’t understand me
You won’t like the real me
Feeling like a fraud
I feel Useless
I feel like a nuisance, problem, in the way, don’t matter, not important
I feel Invisible, insignificant


Tarot + Coaching
This is very frustrating for me to see in clients.

So, I use the Tarot as a starting point to see what is going on is your life, to quickly and easily identify the beliefs, fears and blockages that are stopping you from having the outcomes that you desire, to clear those through some powerful energetic, healing and coaching processes and help you transform yourself and your beliefs, to create the life that you choose.


Powerful Transformations

I have put together some powerful transformation programmes to help with breaking through limiting beliefs and blocks to success.

I have done belief clearing work with people for over 10 years through Changing Lives Coaching and somehow found there was still something missing.

Recently, through my own personal journey ( and particularly losing over 70lbs in weight) I have found some incredibly powerful processes that have worked like magic on me and everyone I have used them on. They get to the core, crux of the beliefs and all the emotions and feelings associated with them and we can release them really quickly.

I found through my own journey, the same issues that were causing me to hold onto weight were the same ones that were keeping me short of money.

I have put together some intensive rapid-results, transformation programmes of a 1 day VIP intensive, of 90 days and 6 months.

Please let me know if these would be of interest to you and I will happily send you more information.


Client Case studies

Some of the incidents and events I have seen with clients have been what, to the outside world, might appear to be quite insignificant and meaningless and the other people concerned probably never thought that there words and actions would have such a negative impact over so many years. As you read them as an adult, these examples do not sound logical and to the adult mind they are not logical. Remember, the beliefs and feelings were formed in the mind of a small child with the reasoning abilities of a small child.

Client One had suffered with poor self-esteem and a lack of self-worth. We found this had come from her 6th birthday when there were about 20 boys and girls and her father had taken the boys outside to play football and she stayed indoors with the other girls. In that moment, something triggered feelings of loss and abandonment and a sense that her father did not love her and so she must be unlovable,  which she had carried into her adult life. When she gave this a new meaning, she realised her father was just keeping the boys entertained and that she could have gone out to play if she chose and it certainly did not mean her father did not love her.  Having changed this meaning and cleared these feelings,  and felt better about herself and loved by her father, she then lost 6lbs in about 2 weeks and over 5 “ off her hips on her weight loss plan

Client Two  –  “You are like an elephant on a tricycle!” My client was 17 when he heard that remark. He was riding a very small motorbike, dressed in all his motorcycle leathers and waterproofs (so he looked huge with multiple layers of clothes) in front of his father, who was in the car behind. My client took remark to mean that he was big and fat and that was the way that everyone saw him and there was nothing he could do about it. This was reflected in his body size and weight as an adult.  When we explored this issue, he then gave it a different meaning that in fact the motorbike was far too small for him, which it was, and that it was quite typical of his father’s sense of humour and that his father meant nothing by it and probably would have been mortified if he had realised that his remark had had such a long-lasting impact. Once that shifted, my client saw himself in a whole new light and went on to lose 9lbs in weight in 3 weeks, stuck to his eating plan and took on more exercise on the games console

It is frequently the case that when you clear INNER stuff, weight releases from the physical body quite quickly – and sometimes almost immediately.


Life-changing results in as little as 30 minutes

The very good news is that it is quite easy to get to these meanings and fears, to change them and clear them by dissolving the emotional sting to them, by helping that young you to have a different and more empowered meaning for those event, the other people and for yourself.

It is a very simple, yet profoundly powerful process and I have seen it work like magic with everyone I have used it with. Once it is gone, it is gone for good and it does not come back.

I have seen life-changing -results with this process in as little as 30 minutes.  With other clients, it takes longer.  Everybody is different.


Rapid Results Transformation Day


Aim of the Day: To identify and clear at least one major INNER issue /blockage and allow the glorious BEING that is YOU, to shine out into the world, so you are inspired to take action on the outer aspects of your goals - This has a CASCADING effect!

I am a great believer that, when someone is truly sick of living the way they have been and not getting the results they desire and they are really ready to make a massive Transformation in their life, that life-changing transformation can happen very quickly.

That is why I offer a Rapid Results Inner  Transformation Day.

It is designed to rapidly identify the core issue or issues that are stopping you from taking the actions that you know you need to take in order to create success in your life.

We can clear the fears, beliefs and blockages that are stopping you from taking the actions that you need to take.  You can then take the actions from a place of the strong, confident, empowered being that is truly you. When you take the actions you need to take, you then start to create the success that you desire and you then become more motivated and inspired to keep going.


Structure of the Rapid Results  Transformation Programme

  • Pre-transformation session questionnaire to quickly identify beliefs, blockages and fears around your challenge, so I can understand your situation, what habits you currently have, what you want to change and where you have felt stuck.
  • Intuitive Beliefs Reading, which I do, with your permission, prior to the first meeting to gain further insights into the issues
  • Personal Discovery Consultation to establish where you are at the moment with your life and success, some of the things that may have stopped the success from flowing to you that you deserve. We also look at things such as self-liking (or loathing), judgments about yourself and your money and success
  • Powerful Transformation Processes to clear the fears, beliefs and blockages that may well be still keeping you stuck, have stopped you from taking action and prevented you from having the success you desire and deserve. This starts the process of allowing the true you - the magnificent being that has been hidden - to start to shine out into the world, in a new, powerful and empowered way.
  • From that strong, confident place of BEING, you can set some ACTION steps for the outer actions, that you need to take, going forward and out into the world.
  • Follow up session to deal with any issues that have arisen, both on the inside and with the outer actions and to make sure you have your action plan in place and are taking the necessary actions to achieve your success goals.
  • All sessions are recorded, so you can listen to them again in your own time.
  • Support materials as necessary, including audio recordings of the processes that we have used in your Transformation Programme
  • The programme is totally personal to you and is completely tailored to you and to your individual needs. It is a 1-2-1 VIP Transformation Experience for you, designed to get you the Rapid Results that you desire


Clear ONE Core Issue with Cascading Results

I am really looking to find and clear one core issue, which will have the cascading effect of releasing a lot of lesser issues. We can deal with a huge amount in our time, however I don’t want to promise you that we can clear everything on the inner side that has been causing you an issue with your success because that may or may not be the case, depending on you and your situation.

With a willingness to be honest with yourself and a strong desire for rapid results transformation, we can shift a huge amount in this programme and you can finally be free of the stuff that has sabotaged your efforts to create the success you desire and deserve.


Achieve Your Goals in OTHER Areas

When you have cleared the inner beliefs and fears that previously stopped you from taking action in a particular area of your life, you achieve your  goals and then you can apply that new found confidence to other areas of your life.

You will probably find that the beliefs and fears that have stopped you taking action in one area of your life are the same ones that have stopped you from taking action in other areas of your life.

This was true for me. My total self-loathing, complete lack of self-worth, a huge fear of shining and desire to hide from the world were not only causing me to stay overweight, they were also affecting my money and my business, my marriage and my relationship to my children.

Once you clear the fears that stops you taking action in one area, this can have a cascading effect on other beliefs and fears and has the potential to completely change your life – if you allow it to!

Yes, all of this is possible.


Why work with me?

I am a Changing Lives Coach with 10 Years Experience

I have been a Changing Lives Coach for 10 years and have helped people to identify and clear Limiting Beliefs and blocks to success and to design and create their DreamLife, through my books, audio relaxations and personal coaching programmes.

I have been working on myself since I read my first personal development book as a teenager and have continued reading books, attending seminars and workshops and listening to speakers to find the gems of information to transform my life.


I have cleared my own INNER issues

 I started to explore my inner stuff and applied all the life-changing processes to myself, that I have seen work miracles with my clients over years.

When I started my weight loss journey I decided I would apply all my knowledge and skills from 30 years of personal development and 10 years of Changing Lives Coaching to the INNER me.

I have recently applied all of these processes to my own life to lose 70lbs / 31 kg in weight of 55 lbs / 22 kg has been in a 6 month period since September 2012.

As I dealt with my inner stuff, the healthy eating plan and exercise became more effective and started to work faster because I wasn’t ruining it with binge eating and hating myself. Weight started to come off my physical body easily and rapidly – and stayed off!

I have completely transformed my relationship to food and to myself. I love my food and now I can savour it and enjoy it – guilt free-  including birthdays, Christmas and celebrations and it is now a part of my lifestyle.


I have helped other people

I have worked with numerous clients over the years on all manner of issues from weight to career to money and relationships and have guided them to their own Transformation. I have watched them go and create magic in their lives. Some of the success stories have included Jayne who completely left a job she hated in the prison service and created her dream business as a hypnotherapist and Becky whose dream was to go skydiving, yet was terrified of jumping out of an aeroplane, who cleared the blocks and fulfilled her dream.




"Amanda Goldston has a true gift which she shares with the world. The majority of new research makes much of the power of belief and as such one can surmise that limiting beliefs hold us back as people and interfere with our perceptions of our reality and, more importantly, perceptions of what we can achieve.

If you want to discover what you are truly made of, what you can truly achieve and how to make your dreams come true, Amanda Goldston is the woman to call."

Martin Drury. BBC approved freelance journalist for UK/US media


Amanda Goldston is my spiritual coach in the physical world.    She helped me when I most needed to “break through”. I am so impressive that my ideal results happened easily and quickly.  Since then my life and career have continuously moved on to a higher level after a very short period of her efficient coaching.

We always work with lots of laughter and with great results. She is smart and quick minded, caring and patient, humbled and grateful, wise with good sense of humor.  Most of all, she has tremendous knowledge and experiences in business world. 

CHU, JiaLing LC


"In a very warm and subtle way, it penetrates the walls that we all put up around ourselves over the course of life experiences, allows them to vaporize and allows the penetration of spirit to come through and hold you very gently in its hands and take you through the process.

It is a very comforting process that allows whatever it is that is hidden inside to be revealed in a subtle enough way that is not harmful or placing anyone in fear"

- Paul, Canada


Elly Yule, CIO
Wales, UK

There are times when a ‘coach’ needs a coach. Despite being on a self developmental pathway for nearly 30 years and being trained in many therapeutic and healing disciplines, my own strong mind and stubborn will can still get in my way, I thought if Amanda can crack a tough nut like me then she can help anybody!

Amanda’s CHANGING LIVES programme was exactly what I needed. As well as the telesessions, I really enjoyed the meditations and visualisations she sent for me to work with and found the ‘Create Your Ideal Day’ workbook a valuable tool that I can use over and over.

Amanda establishes trust easily and effortlessly and creates a wonderful safe space that allows much to occur. Our sessions revealed so much that was surprising, helpful and healing. Amanda’s intuition was spot on with so many things and really helped to steer the sessions in the right way.

By the end of the programme, I was re-energised and more excited about my work than I have been in months. My state of overwhelm turned into something more structured and I now have a great plan to work with that I am very excited about. I feel so much happier than I have done in a very long time (even my husband has noticed the difference in me) and amazingly I have shifted several pounds in weight, I now have a waist again and my stomach is flatter (it seems I was holding onto my stress in those areas).

I would highly recommend CHANGING LIVES to anyone who feels stuck or has reached a plateau in their lives and wants to move on. I know I will definitely be contacting Amanda again in the future when I need another session. As Amanda says it’s all about “making an investment in yourself”, I can assure you that it is worth every penny.


Pat Hicks

Dear Amanda,

I must admit to you that I was dubious about one coaching session having an impact on my life.

What happened for me was not only beyond my expectations but truly, was life changing, and I don’t use that term flippantly.

After our coaching session, it was if an internal dam had been removed. One that I had a feeling was there, but had no idea where it was located or how to remove it. And, had it not been for our session, I know would still be there, frustrating and limiting me forever.

As a result of your coaching, here is what happened to me. Within one week I moved from, not being able to establish one outlet for a product line I had been trying to promote, to having 27 different outlets. In addition, the energy, happiness and peace of mind that I have experienced has spilled over to all of my relationships, including but not limited to my family.

I have never had this kind of complete assuredness of purpose and confidence in my life. And if anyone wants to ask me about what they can accomplish with you, please don’t hesitate to refer them to me.

Your friend and successful coaching client,

Pat Hicks


Amanda, I’d like to take this opportunity to simply say, “Thank you.” Before our coaching session, a project I’ve been working on for months was dead in the water.

There was a block in me that that I couldn’t identify, and it was barring my way to success. After coaching with you, things simply began to flow.

While coaching with you, a seemingly insignificant incident from my childhood came to my mind, and, once that incident was resolved, things changed rapidly. It was as if I had reclaimed my personal power in an important area of my life after giving it away for a very long time.

Buz McGuire
The Viral Happiness Expansion Initiative

And here’s the truly amazing thing: I’ve always been a positive thinker, and I’ve always believed in taking control of my own destiny. If anyone had told me that I had issues from my past that hampered my present, I never would have believed it. I would have just thought that I needed to work harder.

But you coached me into a real breakthrough without hard work. Now, my project is flowing into fruition, and abundance is showing up in all areas of my life. This just goes to show that even people in the self-development business can make needed strides with the right coach.

And you are certainly the right coach.
Thanks again!
Buz McGuire


Really, when I was prepping for my sessions with Amanda I had no idea what to expect. What I did know was that I had become “stuck.” Stuck in old patterns and I was unable then to think outside of a very small box. Getting unstuck was the challenge. I had become so caught up in the why’s that I had found myself in a never ending spiral. And that spiral was going downward.

I knew, however that there would be things revealed during our session that would get me to the next stage and help me to move forward. Amanda and I had worked together before so I kind of knew in a way what was about to happen.

Well I was wrong, our session lasted for over two hours. It was far more than I could have imagined. She initially asked me if I want ed to do shorter sessions and I told her no lets just go with the flow. I knew from personal experience that when I started down one of these roads that some amazing things usually happened.

And I was right. The information revealed and the releasing that was brought about during my it session with Amanda were nothing short of monumental for me.

Beliefs about myself that I had held on to so tightly for years virtually melted away. It was a one of the greatest experiences, I can’t recommend this program and Amanda enough enough.

I know this will all sound so over the top but for me this was an experience that opened me up again after being shut down for an extended period of time. Releasing some of the old beliefs launched me forward.

Thanks Amanda, from the bottom of my heart.

Paul McIntosh



My Sky-diving experience by Becky Rhone- Nowlan

I have been using Amanda Goldston's clearing limiting beliefs to help me with breakthroughs in creating my online business. It is one of my dreams and goals in this life. The other one I had is to go skydiving.

I have been talking about doing this for two years. My usual "reason" *read excuse* is lack of money. Looking back over the years however, I realize there have been many opportunities where money has been in abundance.

So I asked myself why have I not been able to step out of an airplane. The answer is of course resistance which is fueled by the limits that we place upon our lives as we grow up. We learn this behavior from those who have gone before us; our parents. And on back the pattern goes from generation to generation.

Most people live perpetuating their own limiting beliefs. That's where Amanda's excellent work comes in. It works on those things that you are aware of as well as those areas where you have no idea about.

Now that I have done it, I am so glad that I did. For me to be able to do this is totally amazing. It has opened my spirit to a whole new paradigm.

I have always lived my life in the safe lane. I am sure you're familiar with my type. Live safe and never take a real chance, that way you won't fail but you will never succeed either.

Amanda recently wrote about being afraid of massive success and in my case, I am positive that this is what has been occurring all my life. Believe me when I say, the spirit wants to soar free.

While not everyone needs to actually "soar" to be free, if you are reading this, there is a part of you that is needing to break free. Find something you resonate with and go for it. You'll be glad you did.

Becky Rhone-Nowlan
California, USA


Clearing Limiting Beliefs was a personal journey for me. I purchased this CD thinking it would help me make some changes in the hamster life I was leading.

I was working in a large city prison, surrounded by negativity and that was mainly the staff!

Listening to "Clear Limiting Beliefs" almost every night for three weeks, gave me the courage to change my life and make better decisions.

One year on I have left my old life I am now a qualified hypnotherapist specializing in emotional healing.

Thank you Amanda for such a brilliant CD.

jayne morgans chadwick

Jayne Morgans Chadwick Hypnotherapist www.violetflame.org.uk


Come and work with me on a Personal VIP 1-2-1 Rapid Results Transformation

Come and work with me on a personal VIP 1-2-1 Inner Transformation basis, clear out the fears that have stopped you from taking action so far, take the action you need to take from a confident and empowered place and achieve your success goals faster than you have ever done before.

I can help you take action on your success goals and achieve the results you desire in a VIP Rapid Results Inner Transformation Day.

It has worked for me, my family and my personal clients.

It can work for you too, if you allow it to.

The power and effectiveness of this Transformation Programme depends on you, how willing you are to explore these blockages, beliefs and fears and how much you want to be free of them so you can take the actions you know you need to take to achieve your goals.

I do not do anything to you or attempt to re-programme you in any way. My role is to create the space for you to Transform Yourself and to facilitate that Transformation with you.  I provide the environment and the toolkit and you make the Transformation.


Your Investment in YOUR Rapid Results Transformation Programme

VIP Platinum Rapid Results Transformation Day is only $1497 USD


Application Process

Please contact me for the pre-transformation day questionnaire, fill it in and send it back to me. I will then look through it and make sure that we are a fit for each other. This is an intensive programme and you must be willing to commit to it fully and be willing to release old beliefs and patterns.

I want to make sure that I can actually help you and that we can work together and that we can have some fun as well!

Once I have accepted your application, I will send you the payment details and then we can book some dates and get started with your Rapid Results  Transformation Programme

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or to telephone me.

Please contact me for the pre-transformation day questionnaire and payment details.


I look forward to working with you.
With abundant blessings.
Amanda  Goldston
Changing Lives Coach





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