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Astrology Spread

This is a very simple spread to use.  You can put one card in each of the positions around the circle and it gives you an overview of the next 12 months. The first month is the current month or if you are very close to the end of the month, month one can be the following month.

You can then place a card in the centre of the circle, which sets the tone for the whole of the year. 

You can go around again, adding a new card to each of the months.
As you have 78 cards in a tarot deck, you can go around 6 complete times (using 72 of the cards).

You can add a 13th card to the other one in the centre of the circle with each round of cards if you wish. In that way, you will use up all of the cards in the deck.

You will have 6 cards for each month or for each house and that will give you quite a lot of information.

Place the cards side by side, going outwards from each card, as you go around each time, so you will end up with 6 cards beside each other for each month. You can read each month from right to left going outwards.

You can go around the circle as few or as many times as you wish. It is entirely up to you and there is no right or wrong. Use as many cards as you feel comfortable with.

This is a good spread if a person would like a general overview of their life.  You can then use other spreads to add more detail in particular areas or to ask more detailed questions about certain areas of your life.

12 months astrology spread with the rider wiate tarot deck and amanda goldston


This spread can also be used to represent the 12 houses of a person’s life in Astrology. This is useful to gain more information into a particular area. Again you can add more cards to each house for more detail.


The 12 houses in Astrology are as follows;

1) Personality, environment, how others see the querant*, the Self (Aries).

2) Money, possessions, earning power and financial values (Taurus).

3) Travel and Communication, day to day activities (Gemini).

4)  Home Life, siblings, family, parents (Cancer).

5) Pleasure, romance, love affairs, holidays, self expression, creativity (Leo).

6) Work and Health (emotional and physical) (Virgo).

7) Partnerships (professional and personal) and Marriage, legal matters (Libra).

8) Inheritance, death, sex, other people’s money, endings and beginnings (Scorpio).

9) Philosophy, education, dreams, travel and long distance journeys (Sagittarius).

10)  Career, profession, fame, reputation (Capricorn).

11)  Friends, organisations, hopes and wishes (Aquarius).

12) Burdens, restrictions, secret fears, enemies, dangers, subconscious (Pisces).

* The Querant is the person seeking a reading.


If, as you are going around, you get Major Arcana Cards, these represent important influences in your life. These may be people or they may be beliefs or character traits that are impacting you in a positive way or a challenging way. Major Arcana cards can also be very significant events or situations in your life.

If you draw a lot of people cards from either the Major Arcana or the Court Cards of the Minor Arcana, they may be certain personalities or types of people who are having a big impact on your life, either in that month (if you are doing a 12 month spread) or in that area of your life (if you are using the Astrology Houses).

If the personalities of the people don't mean anything to you or you can't relate to those type of people, than the court cards can also represent aspects of your own personality that may be useful to you, (if the cards are upright) and you need to develop more of, or may be hindering to you (if the cards are reversed) and you need to be careful that those aspects do not get in your way.


Combination of the two types of Astrology Spread

You can, if you wish, combine both uses of the spread. It can be very useful to lay the cards on the first time round as an overall 12 month spread and then on the second and subsequent times, use the houses.

This is very good for answering questions such as "What will my finances be like over the next 12 months?", you can look at the cards against the 2nd house or "What will my health be like over the next 12 months?" you can look at the cards you have down in the 6th house.

This can be very general for each area of your life and you may then want to do other spreads with more specific questions to look at each area in more detail.

However you use the spread, it is important to decide in advance what the positrons are going to mean for you. When you do that, make your intentions clear to your cards and you will find that the cards will fall correctly for you.

Once you decide what the positions are going to mean for you, stick with that. Don't change your mind part way through the reading.

Astrology Spread Examples

These are a couple of videos that I made to illustrate how this spread can be used.



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