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Identify Food, Weight and Body Beliefs and Blocks Spread

This spread is designed to help you to get to the bottom of limiting beliefs and blockages about food, weight and body. I would strongly suggest that you really give yourself the time to work through each question and allow the answers to bubble to the surface from your Intuition. Parts of your unconscious mind will probably try to stop you from answering these questions because those are the parts that want you to stay where you are.

Make sure you are relaxed before you start. I would suggest that you have pen and paper with you as you do this and plenty of water for hydration.

As thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs come up acknowledge them, than your subconscious for releasing them into your conscious awareness and write them down.

You may want to have your favourite energy clearing tools on hand to release things that come up.

Be brave and courageous. Once things come to the surface, you can feel through them and really experience the energy of them and then you have the choice of keeping them or lovingly releasing them to the Universe.

You want to ask your angels, guides and the Higher Powers of the Universe to be with you to help you or a friend.

If you find that things come up that are too painful and difficult for you to deal with on your own, then please stop the process and seek appropriate professional help.

This reading is based on my own personal experiences and I have to give you a whole raft of disclaimers about whether or not it will work for you and what results you may or may not get. Use your own judgement and discretion before you do this reading and process.



How to lay out the Cards

1) The cards are laid out as 3 rows of 3 cards, starting at the top left, so you have 9 cards. Each of the cards has a question attached to it.

2) Having read those 9 cards, place a 2nd layer of 3 rows of 3 cards on top of the first layer, so the cards underneath are hidden. These also have a specific question attached to them.

3) Move the cards in the 2nd layer off the first layer, so that the cards now lie side by side. This will give you 3 rows of cards that have 6 cards in each row or 9 groups of 2 cards.

4) Read the pairs of cards, so that you now have two questions together for each group. This is where you will really start to see the contradictions in terms of your deep beliefs and your current actions.

There are 18 powerful coaching based questions in total and they are very revealing!

You can download all the questions used in this spread as well as diagrams of the layout of the cards by clicking on the link below.

Identify Food, Weight and Body Beliefs and Blockages Spread pdf

To save it to your computer, please RIGHT Click with your mouse, select SAVE or SAVE AS and save it to your computer.








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