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Tarot Card Spreads

There are lots of different spreads that you can use when you are reading tarot cards. Some are very general, some deal with specific areas of your life, such as health, relationships, work or money and some deal with answering specific questions.

Some spreads will have meanings for specific positions and others will be more of an overview of all of the cards that have been laid down.

Many readers start with spreads such as the simple "3 card Past, Present or Future" spread and progress onto spreads such as the "Celtic Cross Spread" or the "21 card Past, Present, Future Romany Spread."

Many readers go on to design and use their own spreads.

Here are some of the most popular spreads.


Celtic Cross Spread

This is a very popular spread and is very widely used. It can be used for a general overview of a situation. It can also be used for asking specific questions, particularly if you are looking at alternate outcomes and maybe asking questions such as "What would be the outcome if I did this or did that?"

The Celtic Cross is also a very powerful spread because it can indicate the general outcome of a situation IF you do not make any changes, as well as your hopes about a situation, your deepest fears and also the influence of people around you on the situation and your decisions.

For more information on the Celtic Cross layout and meanings of positions in the spread, please CLICK HERE.


21 Card Romany Spread

This is another very useful spread. It consists of 21 cards laid out in 3 rows of 7 cards. These represent the Past, the Present and the Future. They tell a story as they go along from beginning to end.

There are no specific positions for this spread, however it can be very useful as a general overview and you can then explore in more detail issues that might arise.

For more information on the 21 Card Romany Spread, including how to lay it out, please CLICK HERE.


Astrology Spread

This is a spread that can be used in a couple of different ways. It can be used as a straightforward 12 month forecast spread, with one card representing the major trends for each month.

It can also be used as an Astrology chart, with each card representing one of the houses in an astrological chart.

For more information on the Astrology Spread, Please CLICK HERE



Identify Money Blocks Spread

This spread is designed to help you to get to the bottom of limiting beliefs and blockages about money. The spread is a simple 3 x 3 layout. It consists of 18 very powerful questions, which aim to show you what the limiting beliefs might be, where they have come from and potentially the gift within them for you to release them.

For more information on the Identify Money Blocks Spread, please CLICK HERE



Food, Weight and Body Beliefs and Blockages Spread

This spread is very similar to the money blocks spread (above) as many of the issues that cause challenges with money also cause problems with weight, an unhealthy relationship to food and poor body image. It has 18 very powerful questions and is designed to show you where there might be contradictions between conscious and unconscious beliefs. Once identified, they can be released using your favourite clearing techniques.

For more information on the Identify Food, Weight and Body Beliefs and Blockages Spread, Please Click Here


Past Lives Spread

There is a huge amount of information that can be gained from Previous Lifetimes. This spread shows you the main Challenges of this current Lifetime and how to transcend them, the Gifts that you brought with you into this lifetime and ways to fully express them and also insights into the biggest question of them all - What is my PURPOSE in this Lifetime?

For information on this spread and how to use it, please RIGHT CLICK on this LINK and download the pdf document with an explanation






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