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The ACE OF CUPS in The RIDER WAITE Deck of Tarot Cards

ace of cups

Minor Arcana

Quick Keywords

Creative beginnings, offer of love or friendship, new ideas, creativity


There is a hand coming out of the cloud offering a cup that is overflowing with water. Water represents emotional matters. 

There is also the dove of peace hovering above. It is a card of emotional and spiritual fulfillment. It is being offered to you and it is your choice whether you take it or not


This is a beautiful card.  It brings peace, hope, calm, joy and fresh, new emotions, new love and new support. It can be a new love or friendship being offered to someone.

This may be a new love in their life, such as a new relationship.  It can also be new love and positive emotions coming into an existing relationship.

It may also be that you are relating to people in a better way and the challenges of the past are moving away.

It is also new ideas, projects, creativity, maybe some wonderful day dreaming before starting a new and exciting project.

For someone who is very work and action focused, this can also be about getting in touch with your feelings, exploring your emotional side, maybe opening yourself to others at an emotional level and trusting your intuition and feelings. Trust your deep knowing.

As love is the essence of this card, it can also be important for you to look for love in all areas of your life and to love yourself more. This might involve compassion or forgiveness for yourself or others.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author, Coach and Guide

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