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How to read the 4 four of pentacles tarot card in the minor arcana of the rider waite tarot


Quick Keywords

Hold onto money, budget, stuck, lack of flow.


Here we see a well-dressed figure, maybe a king, sitting on a bench clutching a pentacle with his feet on two others and one on his crown.


He seems to be trying very hard to hold onto what money and material possessions he has.  This can indicate a need to be very careful with your spending at the moment and to avoid unnecessary extravagance. Maybe you need to have a better budget.

It can also point to someone who is being very miserly with their money and hanging on to every penny they have. 

In that case their money can be a source of stress and anxiety to them as they live in fear of losing it and of not having enough.  Their money is not a source of pleasure to them.

Whilst someone is firmly holding onto what they have got, there is no room for anything to flow out but there is also no room for anything to flow in. It is a card of blockages around money. It can also indicate someone who is obsessed by accumulating material wealth.

This is a card of trying to control and maintain the status quo.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston



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