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How to read the high priestess tarot card in the major arcana of the rider waite tarot

Quick Keywords

Secrecy, things not all they seem, intuition,  mystery, all things feminine, moon, moon cycles, hidden mysteries of nature and science, all things watery, power in silence and contemplation, keeping secrets, psychic, strength and power of the feminine, passive, receptive, strength through non-action, aloof, secretive, externally unemotional, inner feelings hidden.


Mostly blue (emotions and watery- cool colour, representing emotions, yet somehow cool, unemotional and detached), and black and white (contrast between material and spiritual, yin/yang male/female), white-spiritual.


The pillars are from King Solomon’s temple, can also be male and female- she sits in the space between them, opening, gateway.
Tora – 5 books of Moses, book of knowledge.
Moon crown- Egyptian Isis mother of Horus- moons either side and sun (Horus) in centre waiting to be born, also 3 phases of moon- waxing, waning and full (or new).
Pomegranates-  a symbol for righteousness.


Trust your intuition, tap into your inner guidance system through relaxation and meditation. There may be things hidden. It is unlikely that you have got the full facts and information to make a decision.  You may have to ask probing questions to get all the information you need. You might only discover the right questions to ask through meditation or by paying attention to your dreams.

The High Priestess can represent a third party in a love triangle or an undisclosed third party, who has an impact from a distance on a business relationship.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston



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