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How to read the king of pentacles tarot card in the minor arcana of the rider waite tarot

Quick Keywords

Business person, money, financial dealings, caution, check things carefully.


A well - dressed king sits on an ornate thrown with a pentacle in his lap.  He seems to be more concerned with looking at his money than at his surroundings. 

He has a suit of armour under his clothes, which suggests he has a tough interior and is protecting himself from anything emotional.


As a person, this can be a man or a woman.  They are most likely a business - person or someone involved with money. They are likely to be charming and very persuasive when you meet them.

They are a shrewd, sharp business- person with an ability to win through on tough negotiation. Their first priority in any transaction will be themselves and particularly how they will benefit financially.

You may find that they gracefully and charmingly promise you one thing verbally and then the written contracts may not quite match up to what they have promised. They like to be in control of situations involving money.

Be very careful with this person, particularly in business and financial dealings, check everything carefully and make sure you know exactly where you stand before you commit yourself to anything.

Be careful of the person handling the money in business, official and financial dealings.

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