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how to read the knight of pentacles in the rider waite deck of tarot cards

Quick Keywords

Fixed, inflexible, finest of everything, stubborn, cautious, practical, hard worker, dislike change.

Here we see an unhappy (or angry) looking figure sitting on a stationery black horse. He holds a pentacle in his hand.


This can be a man or a woman. As a person they are practical, conventional, patient, hardworking, determined, persistent, detail oriented, meticulous, thorough, prudent, cautious, save their money, likes the comfort of a financial nest egg behind them.

They place a great value on financial comfort, like their material comforts and insist on having the best of everything.

On the negative side they can be lacking in humour and unemotional.

They can be stubborn, rigid, inflexible, lacking direction or ambition and fiercely resistant to change. They do not like anything which rocks the status quo of their lives.

They can be nit-picky perfectionists. They may also work so hard to provide the material comforts for themselves and their family that they forget to build in any time to enjoy the things they have worked so hard to accomplish.


This card can be indicating a stalemate or things not moving as fast as you would like. It may be that once the results come, they will be worth the effort. There can also be a need to push the situation along a little or you may just be banging your head against a brick wall and need to move on.

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