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NINE OF WANDS in The RIDER WAITE Deck of Tarot Cards

How to read the 9 nine of wands card in the minor arcana of the rider waite tarot

Quick Keywords

Battling, strength of will, determination, victory, still fighting.


A battle –scarred looking figure stands in front of 8 wands and is tightly clutching the 9th. His battle is behind him, although it has not been without personal cost and possible injury.

The 8 wands are fixed in the ground, as if creating a barricade between him and his problems.


Although he seems to be in control at the moment, he has an expression of caution and suspicion on his face. He is ready to take on trouble and battles, wherever they may be coming from.

He seems to be expecting more trouble to come from somewhere and he is quite ready to tackle it when it comes. Be watchful and prepared.

Even if you are feeling wounded and reaching the end of your tether, you are still standing and prepared to battle on.  You may need to draw on all your reserves to keep going, as the battling may not be finished.

Pause, reorganize yourself, give yourself a pat on the back for the victories you have won and how far you have come so far.

Prepare yourself for the next round, as the matter is not totally finished, although you are a lot closer to the finishing line than you may think you are.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston



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