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SIX OF SWORDS in The RIDER WAITE Deck of Tarot Cards

How to read the 6 six of swords card in the minor arcana of the rider waite tarot

Quick Keywords

Better conditions, look beyond current pain, moving forward.


A figure is rowing a boat with two passengers out of the choppy waters and into the calmer seas beyond. 

However the 6 swords are still in front of them in the boat, which suggests they may be taking their worries with them.

However the swords do not pierce the boat in any way, so the impact of past strife may be much less now.


This card indicates that things are improving and you are moving into better conditions. This can be a case of head over heart and you have to go with the logic of a situation.

You can be moving away from stress, anxiety, pain and difficulty and into better conditions, although it can sometimes be difficult to see beyond the pain and to focus on anything good.

This can be a card of physical journeys as well as a journey of self development and transformation.

Let go of the pain of a past situation and allow yourself to move forward into a better place, especially mentally.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston



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