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How to read the 3 three of pentacles card in the minor arcana of the rider waite tarot

Quick Keywords

Learning, new skills, studying, apprentice, expert, foundations.


This card shows 3 pentacles built into the arch of a building, possibly a church. The figure on the left would appear to be a stonemason or a craftsman who is carrying out the work on the pillar.

He is the acknowledged expert and that status has come about through both learning and experience.


This is a card of leaning, studying and developing a skill, which is likely to be useful in the workplace.

This can be indicating an apprentice learning his craft or his trade. It will often come up for someone when they are starting a course of study. This may be for pleasure or it may be a work related skill. It is a card of success through really applying yourself and mastering your subject.

This card can also indicated teaching and lessons being learned in life situations from someone who is more experienced in that subject than you. As with all the pentacle cards, it is learning by doing and by experiencing.  It is practical learning, which may go alongside theoretical learning.

With this card, there is often a need for co-operation from a 3rd party, usually someone whose expertise is needed. That is likely to be help from a professional.  It is a card of co-operation and teamwork to get a job done. This is a card of laying foundations and it is important to get things right at this stage.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston



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