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How to read the 2 two of pentacles card in the minor arcana of the rider waite tarot

Quick Keywords

Juggling money and life, going round in circles, busy-ness


Here we see a figure, who looks as if he is dancing. He appears to be juggling two pentacles, which are going round in loops.  There are ships on choppy emotional seas in the background.


This is a card of juggling, particularly with money. The feeling of the card is almost about going round in very unproductive circles and not getting very much done on a practical level.

There are constant fluctuations with money and there is probably a need to budget better.

There can be so many balls in the air that the person is just trying to keep afloat with everything.

They may also be in denial as to how tricky their situation is or could be.

This card calls for flexibility and fluidity. This is not a time to be fixed or rigid in anything. It can also be asking you to see what you could put down or give to someone else to handle.

Two cards represent balance or lack of it, decisions and duality.

Interestingly the pentacles are connected through a figure of 8, which is a sign of infinity. This is connecting both sides of the brain and brings logic and emotion together.

It can be pointing to a need to focus on one thing at a time and to do that well.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston



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